Terms of Service

In order to ensure excellent customer service, please read the entire description carefully and ask us your questions before buying.

Some Exceptions are made on Large Orders where there is a Supplier Conflict or lack of Availability and we do allow credit or exchanges in those cases.
At the time of all listings, the product was in stock and ready to ship. Because our Distribution Center offers this item in other mediums, there is a remote possibility that the item may be unavailable due to large purchases, inventory errors, payment delays or acts of God.

In this event, one of our customer service representatives will contact you with: an expected reshipment date, an agreeable replacement offer or a full refund. Customer Satisfaction is a top priority to us and all efforts are made to insure a smooth transaction for your purchasing needs.

PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE THROUGH PAYPAL. You do not need a Paypal account to make a payment through the Paypal gateway, just a Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover. It can be a gift card/store bought card.

ITEMS USUALLY SHIP BETWEEN 3 TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER WE RECEIVE PAYMENT. That includes 3 TO 5 Business days after an eCheck clears.
Allow much longer for Custom and hand made items, which will range from 7 to 21 Business days. There may also be a delay during the Holidays.

WE DO MOST OF OUR SHIPPING THROUGH PAYPAL. Address must be verified and able to ship through their system. If you pay through Paypal, but your address isn't correct/verified/able to be shipped through their system, we will contact you and it must be corrected before we will ship the item to you.

MOST ITEMS SHIP WITH A TRACKING NUMBER that is usually sent to our customers through the Paypal system. Its very rare for an item to ship without it. If for some reason we are not able to ship through Paypal's system(their site is down or you ordered a special item) we will notify you with the tracking number.

SOME ITEMS CAN BE SHIPPED TO MILITARY ADDRESSES. If its not in the item description of the item you would like to purchase, CONTACT US and we will let you know about that particular item.